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Most people are dehydrated. Many people drink too much or too little water. Even with the right amount of water dehydration can result from too little or too much salt and the use of poor quality salt. Also, a deficiency of electrolytes, or an imbalance in electrolyte ratios, is very common and causes dehydration.

Some indicators of dehydration are high or low blood pressure, stress, use of caffeine and/or alcohol, inflammation, high or low cholesterol, an aversion to (or a dislike for) water or salt, unquenchable thirst, cravings for salty foods, absent or excessive sweating, a low salt diet, use of reversed osmosis or distilled water, and exposure to indoor heat and dry climates.

The need for water to hydrate is obvious. Bodies are over 60% water. However, water alone is usually not sufficient for hydration. Adequate intake of the right salt and maintenance of the right amounts and ratios of electrolytes are as essential as water.

Electrolytes are essential. The primary electrolytes in the body are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, sulfate and phosphate. Why are these electrolytes? When each of these is dissolved in the body fluids they become ions. Ions are electrically charged, positively or negatively. What distinguishes these electrolytes from other charged ions is the marked difference in their concentrations inside versus outside the cells. This difference in concentrations inside versus outside the cells creates a charge on cell membranes, making each cell a battery. The cell battery provides the spark that “burns” fuel (food) with oxygen. And, in turn, the energy generated from burning fuel charges the cell battery by actively maintaining the wide difference in the concentrations of the electrolytes inside versus outside the cell. In short, hydrating is synonymous with charging our cells, our body battery.

Celtic Sea Salt® Electrolyte Powder contains all six primary electrolytes. The quantities and ratios of these six electrolytes are designed to charge our body battery. Once charged cells power muscles to move, nerves to feel, glands to make hormones or enzymes, bones to remodel, ears to hear and cells to reproduce.

Is Celtic Sea Salt® dissolved in water an electrolyte?

Yes, water becomes an electrolyte if there are any salts and minerals dissolved in it, even small amounts. Simply put, electrolytes conduct electricity whereas water absent of all dissolved salts and minerals does not. However, Celtic Sea Salt® dissolved in water does not charge the cell battery as described above. The ratios of potassium, magnesium, phosphates and sulfates to sodium and chloride in Celtic Sea Salt® are very low, well below the cells’ requirements to charge the cell batteries.

Is Celtic Sea Salt® recommended in addition to Celtic Sea Salt® Electrolyte Powder ?

Celtic Sea Salt® brings out the taste of food. Taste, as opposed to the dictates of the latest diets, food fads and so-called scientific evidence, is our surest ally for a healthy appetite. We have a healthy appetite if our tastes and desires choose whole foods – foods as found in Nature – in the amounts we need them at the time we need them. No web searches, no calculations of calories or of the macro and micro nutrient contents of our diet can even begin to replicate a healthy appetite.

Secondly, just as raw unprocessed sugar cane – a whole food – contains a host of vitamins, organic minerals and phytonutrients in specific ratios to the actual sugar in the cane – so Celtic Sea Salt® has a host of organic trace electrolytes and minerals in specific ratios to its sodium chloride content. Minerals and colloids (primarily organic acids) are responsible for the gray color of Celtic Sea Salt®. The naturally occurring colloids enhance mineral absorption. There is much more value in the small amounts of readily assimilated organic minerals in Celtic Sea Salt® compared to the larger amounts of inorganic minerals supplied by supplements. Most salt consumed is white and dry, indicating only sodium chloride remains, all minerals and colloids having been stripped. And, like most “pure” white dry sugar consumed, sodium chloride by itself is a chemical. To the contrary, Celtic Sea Salt® is a food, a whole food, as found in Nature.

Does Celtic Sea Salt® Electrolyte Powder help chronic conditions?

While electrolyte deficiencies and imbalances are rarely if ever the only explanation for common chronic conditions, they certainly may be a contributing factor. These chronic conditions range from fatigue, achy weak muscles, toxicity, headaches and pain to dry skin, high or low blood pressure and brain fog. Chronic conditions invariably have a multitude of “causes” so, even in the unlikely event a “magic bullet” appears to solve them, in truth they continue to progress, often out of sight. Therefore, do not try to “treat” chronic conditions. Use a chronic condition as an indicator light on your dash – it’s time to cultivate health, starting with charging your cell batteries.


Many benefits have been reported by physicians and health practitioners, athletes, travelers, octogenarians and teenagers, dieters, party-goers, performers, zest-seekers and more who recommend and take this electrolyte supplement. Celtic Sea Salt® Electrolyte Powder not only cultivates health, it cultivates health according to Nature.


Dr. Lynne August is founder of Health Equations. She received her Medical Degree from Washington University School of Medicine in 1973. She combined conventional and holistic medicines in private practice for ten years and soon after, founded Health Equations. For almost thirty years, Lynne has been researching significant influences on health…diet, soil, water, agriculture, food processing and environmental exposures.

A word of caution: The Celtic Sea Salt® Electrolyte Powder should not be used if there is kidney, liver or heart failure or any other serious illness or trauma. Electrolytes must be medically managed in any serious illness so all supplemental electrolytes are contraindicated.



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  1. Jaci Savvy August 26, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    Would you send me a link with the complete list of ingredients? And how much natural Iodine is there per serving? Thanks so much! ~ JC

  2. terrytt November 26, 2014 at 2:27 am #

    It help me with my swollen joints..


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